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Top Tips for a Standout Podcast

Starting a podcast is easy but making it great can be a real challenge. With so many people starting podcasts what will make yours special? Here are some of our top tips to making your podcast stand out amongst all the rest.

Invest in Professional Equipment

Nothing makes your podcast sound more amateur than using a cheap microphone. But you'd be surprised at how affordable professional equipment can be! Don't let your gear be the reason you lose a listener.

Check out our recommendations here.

Consistency is Key!

No matter what you're doing, in the podcast world, everything needs to be consistent.

  • Uploading your episodes on a regular schedule is important to keep your listeners happy and engaged.

  • Start and end each episode the same way--it helps your listeners know what to expect from your podcast!

  • Your podcast has a theme so stick to it. Every episode should be relevant.

Some people worry about posting a new episode every week. If that doesn't work for your schedule, do it every other week, or once per month instead! As long as you're consistent, YOU call the shots.

Get GREAT guests

When you invite someone on your show, they'll share with their following. What better way to get your podcast in front of new listeners? Pay attention to your data--if you see a spike in downloads, invite that guest back! But most importantly, make sure you ASK all your guests to promote! Sometimes, they need a nudge.

Be the expert

When you're picking the topic of your show, ask yourself: why should anyone trust MY opinion on this? Make sure you're an expert on the subject and if you're not, time to get researching!

Verbalize your needs

Need more reviews? Want your listeners to follow your page? Check out your Patreon? All you need to do is ask! Don't expect your listeners to know what you need or how to help. Pick ONE thing per episode to ask them to do--request too much and they won't follow through.

Make it available EVERYWHERE!

Don't leave any listeners out! Whether it's Apple Podcasts, Spotify, YouTube, Spreaker, or other channels, you want your podcast to be available anywhere your audience might find it. Take a look at YOUR favorite podcasts and make yourself available where they are!

So what are you waiting for? If you haven't done these things, get started, and if you need more help growing and improving your podcast sign up for a consultation here.

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